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ActiveTarget® 2 gives you the highest resolution, widest, and clearest live views of fish and structure. By watching fish respond to your lure in real-time, you can make the quick adjustments that make the difference and help you catch more fish.Catching fish is easier when you can see them interacting with structure and responding to your lure – in real time – with Lowrance® high-resolution ActiveTarget® 2 Live Sonar.


See the clearest, highest-resolution images of fish swimming in and around cover and structure with ActiveTarget® 2 Live Sonar.


Get the best picture every time with optimized image and stabilization settings that deliver crisp and clear live action views of fish and structure, even in rough conditions.


Quickly recognize if your lure presentation is working or if you need to make an adjustment to get fish to strike – information that is harder to get from traditional sonar or structure imaging.


Key Features

  • High-resolution, live action images clearly reveal what’s happening underwater in real time
  • Clearest live action views of fish and structure
  • Widest underwater images for quicker interpretation
  • See all around your boat with Forward, Down and Scout views
  • See multiple views simultaneously and enable Forward+Back and Scout Wide views for more effective bait tracking ahead of boat with second optional ActiveTarget 2 transducer
  • Compatible with HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon and Elite FS



Lowrance® ActiveTarget 2™ Live Sonar

SKU: 00015959001
C$2,226.00 Regular Price
C$2,146.00Sale Price
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