Out of the Blue is Manitoba's only fishing outfitter offering guiding services to over 60 Manitoba lakes and rivers. With competitive rates on packages for a fishing guide during both the open water and ice fishing seasons you can create your very own personalized aquatic adventure with one of the Out of the Blue's crew members. If fishing isn't your thing and you just want to get out onto the water, we offer boating adventures and photography/ videography experiences too.  Many of our staff will take you on a unforgettable journey of sights and sounds to get that perfect shot, explore the hidden gems in Manitoba and provide a day of smiles and laughter. All boating tours include food and beverages of your choice for your complete aquatic adventure.

Join us Out of the Blue today and come set the hook on a good time! Tight lines!

Our Lakes and Rivers we offer guiding services on is as follows;


Beresford Lake
Betula Lake
Big Whiteshell Lake
Bird Lake,
Bird River
Black Lake
Bower Lake
Brereton Lake
Caddy Lake Chain
Childs Lake
Corstorphine Lake
Dauphin Lake
Dorothy Lake
East Blue Lake

Lake of the Prairies,
Lake Winnipeg
Lake Winnipegosis
Laurie Lake
Lee River
Lyons Lake
Margaret Lake
Max Lake
Natalie Lake
Nutimik Lake
Oak Lake
Paint Lake
Patterson Lake
Pelican Lake

West Blue Lake
East Shoal Lake
North Shoal Lake
Eleanor Lake
Falcon Lake
Glad Lake
Gull Lake
Heart Lake
Hunt Lake
Jessica Lake
Lac Du Bonnet Lake
Lake 400
Lake Manitoba
Lake Metigoshe

Pembina River
Perch Lake
Persse Lake
Pine Falls
Pybus Lake
Rat River
Red River (boat tours only)
Red Rock Lake
Rock Lake
Shoe Lake
St. Malo Lake
Star Lake
Stephenfield Lake

Swan Lake
Sylvia Lake
Tees Lake
Turtle River
Twin Lakes
Waterhen Lake
Waterhen River
Watjask Lake
Wellmam Lake
West Hawk Lake
White Lake
White Mud Lake
White Mud River
Winnipeg River

Water Sunset
Master Angler Pike
Master Angler Crappie
Bald Eagle on Water
Black Bear
Image by Andrey Trusov
Image by James Wheeler
Image by Juan Davila
Image by Sticker Mule
Image by Nicolas Jossi
Image by Zab Consulting
Image by Holger Link
Image by Stepan Ivanov
Image by Vladislav Suvorov
Image by Chris Hardy
Image by Hunter Brumels