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Humminbird® LakeMaster® Maps deliver unrivaled detail, accuracy and innovative, one-of-a-kind features you need to eliminate unproductive water and find the best fishing spots faster.


2D Shaded Relief: Make bottom detail and depth changes easy to spot so you can quickly identify fish holding areas.


Aerial Imagery: Navigate more confidently and find new fishing spots with the help of aerial imagery. VX Technology: Provides exceptional map performance and customizable color palettes.


SmartStrike: Highlights areas of the lake map where fish are most likely biting.


*Select HD Lakes Only Chart Presets: Simple and easy to change between your own custom view settings. Depth Highlight: Highlight a selected depth range so you can target productive water and stay where the fish are. 


Other versions include:

Manitoba V1

Ontario V1

Quebec V1

Humminbird® LakeMaster® VX Premium -Great Lakes

C$270.00 Regular Price
C$250.00Sale Price
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